This is a list of links to recent publications, or preprints, that seem relevant (as of 2019) in the field of diffeology and related topics. Your publication can be listed here upon request, it will be published after a short review. Please , send us an email with a link to your paper (in pdf). Do not send us the paper itself, we cannot host manuscripts.

The de Rham cohomology of a Lie group modulo a dense subgroup, Brant Clark, Francois Ziegler (Jul. 2024)

The Quillen model structure on the category of diffeological spaces, Tadayuki Haraguchi and Kazuhisa Shimakawa (June 2024).

Higher diffeology theory, Emilio Minichiello (May 2024).

Tiling spaces are covering spaces over irrational tori, Dario Alatorre and Diego Rodrıguez-Guzman (Mar. 2024).

Remarks on diffeological Frobenius reciprocity, Gabriele Barbieri, Jordan Watts, and François Ziegler (Mar. 2024).

A theory of plots, Atsushi Yamaguchi (Jun. 2024).

Nonstandard diffeology and generalized functions, Kazuhisa Shimakawa (Jan. 2024).

Diffeology (Beijing print) & Lectures on Diffeology, Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (Dec. 2023).

A Grothendieck topos of generalized functions: basic theory, Paolo Giordano, Michael Kunzinger, and Hans Vernæve (December 2023).

Lie groupoids determined by their orbit spaces, David Miyamoto (Oct. 2023).

Riemannian foliations and quasifolds, Yi Lin and David Miyamoto (Sept. 2023).

A closed manifold is a fat CW complex, Norio Iwase (Sept. 2023).

Foundations of Diffeological Spaces, (short-course lectures, in Japanese) Norio Iwase (Autumn 2023).

On Enriched Categories and Induced Representations, Joshua A. Leslie and Ralph A. Twum (Aug. 2023).

Relative Cup Product in Diffeological Spaces, Enrique Macias-Virgos, Reihaneh Mehrabi (Jun. 2023).

Diffeological, Frölicher, and differential spaces, Augustin Batubenge, Yael Karshon, and Jordan Watts (May 2023).

On diffeologies for power sets and measures, Alireza Ahmadi & Jean-Pierre Magnot (March 2023).

Diffeological Symplectic Frobenius Reciprocity, Gabriele Barbieri & Mauro Spera (Apr. 2023).

Smooth \(A_\infty\) form on a diffeological loop space, Norio Iwase (Apr. 2023).

Diffeological coarse moduli spaces of stacks over manifolds, Jordan Watts and Seth Wolbert (March 2023).

Singular foliation through diffeology, David Miyamoto (March 2023).

Diffeological Čech cohomology Alireza Ahmadi (March 2023).

Diffeological Symplectic Frobenius Reciprocity, Gabriele Barbieri & Mauro Spera (March 2023).

Smooth maps on convex sets, Yael Karshon and Jordan Watts (February 2023).

Orbifolds and orbibundles in complex hyperbolic geometry, Hugo Cattarucci Botós (Nov. 2022).

Submersions, Immersions, and Étale Maps in Diffeology, Alireza Ahmadi (Updt. May 2023).

On Multiplicative Spectral Sequences For Nerves And The Free Loop Spaces Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Jan. 2023).

Elastic Diffeological Spaces. Christian Blohmann (Jan. 2023).

Projective model structures on diffeological spaces and smooth sets and the smooth Oka principle, Dmitri Pavlov (Oct. 2022).

Whitney Approximation for Smooth CW Complex, Norio Iwase (2022).

Diffeology, Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour, Revised reprint, by Beijing WPC (Sept. 2022).

Bicategories of diffeological groupoids, Jordan Watts (Jul. 2022).

Quasifold groupoids and diffeological quasifolds, Yael Karshon and David Miyamoto (Jun. 2022).

Correctness of Automatic Differentiation via Diffeologies and Categorical Gluing, Mathieu Huot, Sam Staton, Matthijs Vákár (Jan. 2020).

A smooth \(𝐴_\infty\) structure on a diffeological loop space, Norio Iwase (Jul. 2022).

A representation of the string 2-group, Peter Kristel, Matthias Ludewig and Konrad Waldorf (Jun. 2022).

The De Rham Theorem in Diffeology, Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Jun. 2022).

\(C^\infty-\)manifolds with skeletal diffeology. Hiroshi Kihara, (May 2022).

Pushforward and projective diffeological vector pseudo-bundles. Enxin Wu, (May 2022).

Diffeological submanifolds and their friends. Yael Karshon, David Miyamoto & Jordan Watts (Apr. 2022).

Orbifolds as stratified diffeologies. Serap Gürer & Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (Apr. 2022).

Diffeological Principal Bundles and Principal Infinity Bundles. Emilio Minichiello, (Feb. 2021).

Smooth singular complexes and diffeological principal bundles. Hiroshi Kihara, (Jan. 2022).

Sheaves, principal bundles, and Čech cohomology for diffeological spaces. Derek Krepski, Jordan Watts, Seth Wolbert, (Nov. 2021).

Smooth quasifibrations, Alireza Ahmadi (Nov. 2021).

Local systems in diffeology, Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Sept. 2021).

The basic de Rham complex of a singular foliation, David Miyamoto (Feb. 2021).

Quasifolds, diffeology and noncommutative geometry, Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour & Elisa Prato (Jul. 2020).

Čech-De-Rham bicomplex in diffeology, Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (May. 2020) Published in Israel Journal of Mathematics (May 2023) here the link .

A comparison between two de Rham complexes in diffeology, Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Feb. 2020).

The orbit space and basic forms of a proper Lie groupoid, Jordan Watts (May 2020).

Every symplectic manifold is a (linear) coadjoint orbit, Paul Donato & Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (Nov. 2019).

Mayer–Vietoris Sequence for Differentiable/Diffeological Spaces, Norio Iwase (Feb. 2019).