Special Events

March 4 — 7, 2024. Building-Up Differentiable Homotopy Theory 2024. Workshop at the Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan. Organised by:
Norio Iwase (Kyushu University)
Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Shinshu University)
Atsushi Yamaguchi (Osaka Metropolitan University)

March 5 — 8, 2023. Building-Up Differentiable Homotopy Theory 2023. Workshop at the University of Aizu, Japan. Organised by:
Norio Iwase (Kyushu University)
Hiroshi Kihara (The University of Aizu)
Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Shinshu University)

July 18—22, 2022. Special Session, “Recent Advances in Diffeology and their Applications”, led by Jordan Watts and Jean-Pierre Magnot, for the upcoming AMS-SMF-EMS Joint International Meeting at the Université de Grenoble-Alpes in Grenoble, France.

October 2020 — March 2021. Lectures on diffeology at Shantou University, China. Organised by Enxin Wu.

March 3rd — 6th, 2020. Building-Up Differentiable Homotopy Theory 2020. Workshop at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, Japan. Organised by Norio Iwase & Katsuhiko Kuribayashi.

March 4th — 7th, 2019. Building-up Differential Homotopy Theory 2019. Workshop at Ito campus, Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. Organised by Norio Iwase & Katsuhiko Kuribayashi.

June 18th — 29th, 2018. Modern Mathematics Methods in Physics: Diffeology, Categories and Toposes and Non-commutative Geometry. Summer School Modern Mathematics Methods in Physics — Nesin Mathematics Village — Şirince, Izmir, Turkey. Organised by Serap Gürer.

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